Apr 05

Albert Einstein – Wikiquote

Gesammelte Zitate von Albert Einstein, und solche, die ihm zugeschrieben werden. Umwerfend viel wahres!

Link: Albert Einstein – Wikiquote

Mrz 05

Mamba application server (based on Simple)

Offside the mainstream Tomcat-world:

Mamba application server provides a standalone implementation of the Simple framework. It is designed as an easy to use, extendable HTTP server, similar to a conventional Servlet engine. However, unlike a Servlet engine, Mamba does not use the Java Servlet API to extend the functionality of the server, instead, Mamba uses another, comparable, component system.

Link: Mamba 1.1

Jun 04

Web Services performance: J2EE vs. .NET

Sun has released a white paper which aims to compare the Web Services performance comparision of J2EE and .NET. They claim that in all of their tested cases J2EE outperformed .NET. In some cases J2EE offers 2-3X better Web Services performance than .NET. The usual disclaimer on benchmarks applies: test it for yourself.