Oktober, 2009

Okt 09

SpringOne 2GX 2009: Link collection

A small summary of links to interesting things happened on the SpringOne 2GX conference hold this week in New Orleans from the outside, mostly observed from the twitosphere, with a modest emphasis on Groovy and Grails.

Notes and comments from attendees:

Slide decks:


Some outstanding quotes extracted from twitter:

  • Guillaume Laforge: „Nice :-) RT @twcrone Griffon rocks!!!! Client apps with Groovy. I know I’m a „Flex“ guy apparently but I’d rather be writing Groovy.“
  • Scott Davis: „GPars (Groovy parallel library) looks really, REALLY compelling.“
  • Daniel Honig: „GPars makes concurrent operations in Groovy so trivial that it should be illegal.“
  • Andres Almiray: „#griffon based slideware code available at git@github.com:aalmiray/griffon-talk.git clone, hack, enjoy! :-)“
  • Gordon Dickens: „Cool stuff in #Gradle presentation from Hans Doktor dynamic builds using #Groovy“ (Gradle 0.8 is out)
  • Hubert Klein (aka Mr. Haki): Adding Groovy and Grails Support to SpringSource Tool Suite (STS)